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class description, 
schedule & pricing

Designed With You in Mind

2021 - 2022 pricing 

All classes are 50 mins

1:1 private sessions - $45 

2:1 semi - private (duets) - $30 per person 

Casual Pilates (mat & reformer combo) - $25  

5 pack of Pilates (mat & reformer combo) - $110

Grip Sox $14 


Tuesday 5pm, 7.30pm 


Wednesday 7.30pm 


Friday 7am 


Saturday  9am 

*Contact Jess to book a private 1:1 or duet class outside these sessions. 

mat & reformer pilates combo class 


Mat Pilates is traditional Pilates involving an all body workout including using Pilates props and equipment to target certain muscle groups. 


The focus of mat classes is on correct alignment, learning to switch on the deep core muscles that stabilise the spine, as well as improving spinal mobility, balance and general flexibility.


The reformer is an amazing piece of equipment that tones and strengthens the whole body. It uses springs and pulleys to add resistance and variety to the traditional Pilates sequences.

A stimulating and dynamic way to activate those muscles is through Reformer Pilates. If you haven't tried the Reformer yet, you're missing out. 

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